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Social media service company managing your brand across all necessary platforms, crafting unique social media strategies that suit your brand, and helping you achieve your objectives. We design unique posts, monitor what matters, and create custom reports to analyze your social brand presence.


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A total of 3,800,000,000 people are using social media right now. Facebook itself has 2.5 billion monthly active users where as Instagram had 1 billion monthly users 2 years back. And mind you, this is not it. There are many other social media platforms as well! But you need not worry. We know how it is done. We being the best Social Media Management Company, help you gain the right connections on the right social media platforms. We help you engage your existing customers, get feedback from them and also attract a lot of new customers for your business that can be easily converted into sales opportunities. Our team offers the best and affordable social media management and advertising services across multiple platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or even YouTube. We focus on offering services mainly in India, the USA, Europe, and Middle East. Be it a small start-up company with a single local presence or a multi-office enterprise, we have social media services that take care of any company at any stage of the life cycle.

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Many of your existing clients look for advice, images, and reviews on Facebook before they get in touch with you. Make sure you have an updated brand page with enough information for your audience.


Creating a Facebook Page to represent your brand is not a big deal, but keeping it active is the real game. Many have tried themselves but later handed it over to a social media marketing agency.

We, at Digiwigy, make sure your Facebook Page has creative inviting content, engage your audience, create a positive experience for your potential customers, and make sure you are on top in customers’ minds over your competitors at the time of purchase.


Stay updated on the best social platform for B2B businesses.

With 675 million professionals, LinkedIn is the best Social Media platform for your B2B business. With 4 out of every 5 members driving business decisions in their company, it is so far the most efficient platform to build connections with them regarding your business. LinkedIn requires fresh content all the time. We at Digiwigy, provide you a chance to manifest yourself as an expert in the industry you belong to. We provide LinkedIn Content Marketing, LinkedIn Business Page Building, and LinkedIn Advertising Solutions along with increasing followers too. Still thinking about B2B networking?


Promote your Business with Short Content and Hashtags.

97% of your customers go online to find products and services nearby. Is your business seen when people search for the products or services you offer? This is what we do for you. As a Local SEO company, we set up your business for local regions.

With our Local SEO services, we easily connect you with your customers across Google Search and Maps. And while you get more inquiries and more sales, we keep a track of all the possible ways your customers engage with your Google business profile - Clicks, calls, bookings, follows, etc. Still thinking to grow more clients from your region?


Go with the trend, engage the millennials with visually engaging content.

We, at first, analyse how your audience is searching and then perform an in-depth analysis into your online presence for the areas of improvement. Because we want you to know why you need Local SEO.

We then create a campaign roadmap with an in-depth plan of action to ensure when they search for you in your markets they are able to find you. This is done to ensure the right strategy is being put together to achieve local SEO success. We don’t hurry.

60,000+ Online Searches Happen Every Second.

Stop loosing business to your competitors.


Check out our professional Social Media management services.

Google is the king of all the search engines and till people keep searching products and services on Google, SEO will stay. So, you know that SEO is obviously not going away too soon. Also, ranking your website on Google is not magic. It is just logic clubbed together with some strategic smart work and we surely know how it is done like no other.

Website SEO Audit

Our SEO experts perform focused and thorough website audits. We then identify issues, analyze your current scenario and give detailed recommendations to help you improve online visibility.

On-page Optimization

We have content creators that take of all your website content including the headings and images. They know where to place the tags and which keywords to target on which page.

Keyword Research

We do an extensive Keyword research keeping your business, industries you cater to and also the keywords your customers as well as competitors use. We then make a list of keywords to target on.

Technical SEO

We have experienced web developers to optimize off-page SEO. We improve the structure of your website to achieve intelligently designed and purposeful pages that drive conversions.

Google Analytics

We provide comprehensive and detailed reporting on a regular basis so you can rely on the results with confidence, proving the value you’re bringing them.

Link Building

We understand the long time viability of your site and hence focus on different natural Link Building Strategies. We focus on earning the links for you instead of buying them.



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