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Digiwigy's B2B SEO services empower a global network of around 150+ businesses across 10+ countries. Transform your business with the world's best SEO Company providing professional B2B SEO services.


Best SEO Company providing professional B2B SEO Services.

100,000,000,000 searches occur every month on Google and there are a total of more than 30 trillion web pages in their index. I guess, you understand the competition now. Out of total 30,000,000,000,000 pages, which are obviously increasing every minute, you need to be in the top 10 to be on the Google’s first page. So, SEO has never been this important before and that is what Digiwigy, the best SEO Company is here for. With our SEO Services, we first make sure that your website is a good resource to the people searching for your product or services, and then being the Best SEO Service Company we ultimately focus on bringing more natural and organic traffic to your website through our custom SEO services.

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Connect with your local customers across Google Search and Map.

97% of your customers go online to find products and services nearby. Is your business seen when people search for the products or services you offer? This is what we do for you. As a Local SEO company, we set up your business for local regions.

And while you get more inquiries and more sales, we keep a track of all the possible ways your customers engage with your Google business profile - Clicks, calls, reviews, messages, bookings, follows, etc.


Be Seen to all your international visitors in the language they search.

We understand that one page of your website might not appeal to all your visitors across the globe. Hence keeping an international approach our SEO Agency helps in optimizing your website for search results in different countries and regions. Being one of the best SEO Company, we learn how your different international audiences search your products or services through different keywords and create strategies around their search trends.

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Gain the enterprise advantage of Google in lot many ways.

Do you have large website, one with hundreds of thousands pages? Enterprise SEO is very different, and what works for driving success for smaller sites and businesses usually won't cut it. Of course, many of the fundamentals are the same, but large-scale sites have many additional layers of complexity.

Our approach includes more thorough analysis, processes, automation, integration, strategic outreach, analytics and broader coverage throughout the marketing funnel. We take on far more responsibility in terms of the incoming traffic, conversions, and more potential problems and issues to contend with.


60,000+ Online Searches Happen Every Second.

Stop losing business to your competitors.


Check out our professional SEO services.

Google is the king of all the search engines and till people keep searching products and services on Google, SEO will stay. So, you know that SEO is obviously not going away too soon. Also, ranking your website on Google is not magic. It is just logic clubbed together with some strategic smart work and we surely know how it is done like no other.

Website SEO Audit

Our SEO experts perform focused and thorough website audits. We identify issues, analyze your current scenario and give detailed recommendations to help you improve online visibility.

On-page Optimization

We have a team that take of all your website content including the headings and images. They know where to place the tags and which keywords to target on which page.

Keyword Research

We do extensive Keyword research keeping your business, the industries you serve, and also the keywords your customers and competitors use. We then make a list of keywords to target on.

Technical SEO

We have experienced developers to optimize off-page SEO. We improve the structure of your website to achieve intelligently designed and purposeful pages that drive conversions.

Google Analytics

We provide comprehensive and detailed reporting on a regular basis so you can rely on the results with confidence, proving the value you’re bringing them.

Link Building

We understand the long time viability of your site and hence focus on different natural Link Building Strategies. We focus on earning the links for you instead of buying them.



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Get All SEO Agency Related FAQs Answered Here

Here are a few questions to ask any SEO Agency before hiring them for any kind of SEO services.

Why is SEO important for my business?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not a luxury but a necessity for any business these days. A good SEO strategy and white-hat techniques brings your website to top position in search engine result pages which results huge traffic and more clicks on your website. And this, in turn, obviously leads to more clients and more growth.

How much does a SEO service cost?

At Digiwigy, our SEO services start with a customized website audit and analysis. It is a one-time cost typically ranging around ₹3000-5000 or $50-100 but it varies for individual businesses. Then you can either go for SEO Consultancy or SEO Agency where we work as your own SEO department. These SEO services range from per month ₹5000 to ₹50,000 or per month $100 to $1,000 (The price vary depending on various factors like the industry your business is into, number of products or services you offer, the region you want to target, and your industry specific keywords, your audience, etc.) We understand that there are agencies with comparatively low monthly payment offers with kind of a ‘free website’ catch but it is on their proprietary platform, which means you loose your website if you plan to leave the services. We are transparent when it comes to money and business. WhatApp us on +91 – 910 610 5750 and get all yoour doubts cleared before hiring us!

How long does the SEO process take?

SEO is an ongoing process. So, if you’ve hired a good SEO Services Company, generally the results can be seen between 3-6 months, but again, for certain industries with highly competitive keywords, it can take from 6-9 months to see the real difference. We never assure the ‘1 month difference’. That is achievable through multiple tricks but not sustainable and might even land up blacklisting your website by Google. So we always recommend white-hat practices and hence go for at least a 3 month plan where you can leave anytime if not satisfied.

Do I need a SEO Company?

The routine task of any SEO Company is to monitor your online presence and make sure that your brand is visible to the desired audience, so that you can focus on other aspects of your business. If you don’t have the time or a technical resource having knowledge of analytical data, rankings, website traffic patterns and also the knowledge of optimizing your website accordingly, you need an professional SEO Service Company.

How can I optimize my website?

Search engine optimization is a highly effective way of optimizing your website. It includes several factors such as link building, content marketing, speed of a website, technical SEO, user-experience and other on-page & off-page strategies and others.

How does backlinks affect my website ranking?

Backlinks to your website are link recommendations you get from others. What if someone recommends Digiwigy to you? It builds trust, right? So, in SEO, you try that other websites uses your website URL and send their visitors to you via a link. This is done only if you have good design, relevant content, etc. This factors help you rank higher in search results.

How does Google observe my website?

Google has its own set of algorithms and multiple parameters every website. Mainly, with the help of the web master tool, it checks the sitemaps, external and internal links of a website. If a website matches the set requirements defined by Google along with relevant & good quality content, proper keywords then it gets the top rank in SERPs.

How can I optimize my website?

Search engine optimization is a highly effective way of optimizing your website. It includes several factors such as link building, content marketing, speed of a website, technical SEO, user-experience and other on-page & off-page strategies and others.