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Great content is the best sales tool in the world.

A website content is a reflection of your business and the services or products you offer. Number of people read your brand content on a daily basis, be it on your website, social media page, your blogs, presentations, videos etc., and they don’t just read your website content these days, they scan them. We, at Digiwigy, provide the best content writing services for B2B businesses in order to enhance their business credibility. We, at Digiwigy, understand that it is difficult to stay on top of the search engine ladder all the time, and hence, we ensure that we provide you content that is not only optimized as per Google trends and algorithm updates but we also try to add long-tail and LSI keywords too. Digiwigy is an experienced team of professional content writers who are prudently trained to write high-quality, SEO optimized content. 

As a best content writing service company, we never hesitate to put in the extra effort that makes you stand-out from your competitors. At Digiwigy, we have an exceptional team of trained Professional Content Writers who have an experience background in providing high quality SEO Content Writing Services. Having a sound knowledge of user-engagement as well as time-management skill, before reaching you, every content we deliver goes through a stringent quality checking process with the help of multiple tools and plugins like Copyscape, Yoast SEO, Grammarly, Flesch Readability Score Checker, etc. With other innovative techniques like Word Density Check, Generic Word Filtration, etc. we make sure that the content we write is not only genuine and readable but is completely SEO friendly and attracts the reader too.

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More Relevant Website Traffic
Amplify Brand Awareness
Build Credibility and Authority
Increase Social Media Followers


Blogs, Newsletter, Articles, Press Releases.

Irrespective of the stage of business or industry you are in, to get high search engine results or to be seen on top of Google’s organic list, blogs are a must. That’s a sure shot thing and nobody can deny this. With respect to this, at Digiwigy, we make sure that the blogs writing services we offer are meant for both, Google Algorithms as well as your readers. We provide high-quality, keyword-rich, and informative articles for your business and help you drive more traffic, build your subscriber base, and boost your search engine rankings.


Quality Content to Boost your Website Ranking.

First thing a visitor coming to your website sees is – the content of your website. So, in order to keep their attention on your brand, the content you give them to read has to be the best in class. But even before that, for your organic visitors to reach your website, the content needs to be SEO friendly first. Our high-quality, optimized and intuitive content writing services at Digiwigy along with a proper Call-to-Action (CTA) helps any B2B business communicate its brand story making your website visitor spend more time on your website and still leave them wanting more.

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    Effective Product Descriptions that Sell.

    Once the visitor on your website is on your Product Page, it means that you have already cleared the first stage. But the job is not done yet. They are now looking for the perfect product that fits their need. The very last step but the most important one is about convincing those website visitors to click the ‘Add to Cart’ or the ‘Buy Now’ button and this is where you need to get in touch with  Digiwigy. With catchy, attractive and unique product descriptions showcasing its benefits, we help grab your visitor’s attention and convince them so that you can sell more products.


    Brochure, Presentation, Webinar & Video Content.

    Your website is not the ONLY means by which your prospects perceive your brand. They do it via content in your brochures, presentations, social media, videos, and webinars etc. We create an over all brand image with content that syncs across all your marketing materials creating a uniformity across all brand channels. Be it about writing content for your brochures and corporate presentations or even for your multiple solution or training videos, we choose the words carefully, take care of the tone and language and make sure to use the industry-specific terminology for your readers to make the content more relevant and engaging. 

    Businesses with blogs get 126% more lead growth than businesses without.

    It is always about being found when it matters the most.

    B2B marketers blog, and 73% publish case studies.
    businesses have someone to check the content strategy
    of B2B marketers outsource content writing services.

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    Benefits of Our Content Writing Services.

    When we provide you our content writing services, it is not only about content that we take care of, there are a lot of factors that we look upon. These factors helps us in delivering what is expected out of us and it also shapes what we are today.

    Unique content

    Every content we craft is for a specific audience. We provide completely bespoke and tailor-made content for all: bulk, customized as well as ala carte orders.

    Dedicated Writers

    Our professional B2B content writers are experienced to cater services across any industry without compromising on your niche and genre.

    The SEO factor

    We have content creators that take care of all the SEO requirements including the headings and images. They know where to place the tags and which keywords to target.

    No Topic Constraint

    From Mercedes to a Magento, if you can sell it, we help you sell it. Our vast experience of B2B products and services has benefited us to explore and experiment.

    Strict Quality Check

    Every blog or article that reaches you is firstly edited & proofread by various tools and plugins technically and then by editors and proof-readers manually.

    100% Plagiarism-Free

    Every content we provide you to publish is verified by multiple tools like copy-scape and multiple plagiarism checker tools that ensures its uniqueness.


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    Get Answers to All Your Content Writing Questions.

    Here are a few questions to ask every Content Writing Agency before hiring them for any Content Writing Services.

    Yes, you can completely do that. We usually work on a project-basis. But if you feel you’d need multiple content writing services on a regular basis, in that case, you may outsource your writing tasks to us on a retainer basis too.  Let us know your content writing requirements and we’ll work out the best plan for you.

    Yes, specializing in B2B marketing services, we do have a good hands-on experience and provide technical content writing services too. Let us know your content writing requirements and we’ll work out the best plan for you.

    The first two rounds of revisions are completely included in the package at free of cost. But in case, you would want a  rework the content after that, then those revisions shall be charged separately.

    Yes, we do. Because all these words really make up a complete sentence, right? We actually use MS Word to calculate the total word count and they do it too.

    Never. We never use content from other websites and every content we write (blogs, articles, website content, product description, etc.) is completely unique and original, so please don’t worry.

    Yes, we do offer blogging services where we posts blogs directly on your WordPress website using the right SEO techniques. We even check the readability score and also add relevant unique images to the blog content to make it more attractive, but this is charged separately.


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