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Design is the Silent Ambassador of Your Brand.

Businesses, Brands and Websites communicate by a lot more means than just via content and products—they’re also images, graphics and designs. Designing is an important part for all the departments of a business, and for marketing it is one of the core. It creates the brand’s image.


Design continually evolves. New concepts and ideas are born. Old concepts do return but completely refurbished in a new avatar. Staying up-to-date with the world of design is critical these days. The ‘Old is Gold’ saying goes good, but only if that is what your clients want. But accidental old (because you’re exceptionally outdated) won’t help you meet your client’s expectations and end up miserably. If you require graphic design services, chances are, we can assist you to get what you need.

At Digiwigy, the best graphic design company, we invest in creativity, imagination, technology and trend focusing on what your customers look for in your brand and we help you offer exactly the same. Our expert graphic designers have a lot of tricks-up their sleeves that transform your idea or your client’s message as clear vision for us to drive the brand objectives.


We don’t want you to be a brand that follows a design trend that is already faded into obscurity. And we, at Digiwigy of course don’t want you to be irrelevant for your customers by becoming a brand that never adapts to changes. Our focus is always to keep you in a position where your designs are current, relevant, and suits both you and your customers business needs. For us, graphic design is about problem-solving, and this is a challenge we are always ready to take on.

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Amplify Brand Awareness
Build Credibility and Authority
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Innovative and Custom-Built Android Solutions

We, at Digiwigy, design, produce and implement interactive android solutions for mobile and tablet turning it into a revenue driven source for your business. Our apps are completely loaded with user-friendly features using the future-proof technologies and trends by comprehending all significant aspects. We develop your mobile strategies and come up with ideas to convert your business objectives into reality. With the best Android app developers having excellent command on technology we deliver your dream android application right from scratch.


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We, at Digiwigy, offer full spectrum of innovative iOS app development services for startups and growing businesses in different verticals around the globe. Our iPhone applications are scalable, robust and capable enough to power modern businesses obtain maximum productivity. Our highly skilled team of experienced iOS app developers have in-depth technical expertise to building tailor-made apps keeping in mind the specific guidelines related to all individual platforms – iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, and Apple Watch.

You've the 'Next Big App Idea'? We have a great team to develop it.

Get unique, engaging, creative mobile application for businesses across all industry verticals.

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Best of Both Worlds with Single App

97% of your customers go online to find products and services nearby. As in the image, is your business seen when people search for the products or services you offer? This is what we do for you. As a Local SEO company, we set up your business for local regions. We, at first, analyse how your audience is searching in your region and then perform an in-depth analysis into your online presence for the areas of improvement. And of course, with better local rankings, you’ll get more inquiries and in turn more sales. Still thinking to grow more clients from your city or area?


Be Seen Across the Globe

We understand that one page of your website might not appeal to all your visitors across the globe. Hence keeping an international approach our SEO Agency helps in optimizing your website for search results in different countries and regions.


Being one of the best SEO Company, we learn how your different international audiences search your products or services through different keywords and create strategies around their search trends.

10 seconds are enough to form an impression of your brand design.

Make those first 10 seconds of every visitor count.

companies are creating 10x designs than previous years.
visitors will leave a website with poor graphic design.
of B2B marketers use visuals in more than 50% of their articles.

We help you create the brand image and identity.


Stages of Our Graphic Design Services.

When we provide you our Graphic Design Services, it is not only about design that we take care of, there are a lot of factors that we look upon. These factors helps us in delivering what is expected out of us and it also shapes what we are today.

Review Design Brief

We firstly, read the design brief several times. Completing the work by the due date is important for us. We scan for keywords and deliverables, consider how long the design process will be and then factor this into our work plan.

Research and Discovery

Here we spent some time on Understanding the business, the target demographic (age, gender, location), the history & culture of the brand, the brand value and vision and your industry and main competitors.

Brainstorm Concepts

This is the time we pull all our ideas together. We start by creating symbols, exploring and testing typefaces and keep in mind the latest logo and graphic design trends. We keep on playing and jotting all the ideas down.

Build on the Concepts

Our team, now develops 3 to 5 different options of finished concepts to give you some choice and even explains you the reasons behind each concept. We listen to you carefully and analyze your feedback once done.

Evolve and Iterate

Considering the time constraints and budget allotted, we accept all the little design tweaks from your side and even mix-match all the concepts, if required. It's part of our job. If not possible, we communicate clearly.

Completion & Handover

Now that we are done with all the alterations, it's time to send the finished files to you. Here at Digiwigy, it takes us from few hours to a few days, depending on the project, to complete the handover process safely.


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Get Answers to All Your Content Writing Questions.

Here are a few questions to ask every Content Writing Agency before hiring them for any Content Writing Services.

We usually take up and align the urgent priority projects depending on the availability of the team member and also how their schedule is, however, a minimal priority fee may be added extra. Get in touch with us to find out more.

At Digiwigy, we listen to our clients from the very beginning. We encourage the client to bring in any samples, color combinations or any references they may have to help us understand the project idea better before starting the work. During the design process, the client is asked to approve certain colors and fonts before work continues. Once the design project is ready, we submit a final proof for an approval. At the conclusion of a project, the client may request the artwork in various formats if the agreement was made accordingly.

We do not believe in ‘One Size fits All’ concept and hence the cost of our Graphic design services depend on multiple factors and variants, like the size of the project and the amount of task to be completed (say small changes to a pre-existing file or creating a completely new design. It also depends on the details of the project your provide. 

Yes, all the artwork is 100% yours, if mutually agreed upon in the proposal, once the project is fully complete and paid for. 

A finished project is yours upon receipt of the final remaining payment. At your request, we will provide you the final designs via e-mail. We also keep a copy (for 3 months at max.) of your project for later updates or in case you lose your copy.


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