We are Digiwigy!

Your Full Service Digital Agency

Digital agency based in Ahmedabad, India helping small to mid-size companies establish a strong brand identity and a dominant web presence.

At Digiwigy, we spend time understanding our clients – the nature of their business, the industry, their competitors, the economic landscape, and their factors – that makes them tick. Having a clear understanding of our users, their needs, behaviors, common touch points, the media and channels they use is critical to our work.

We are small enough to take real pride in each and every task we take up, yet agile enough to take on projects of all sizes.

No challenge is too big for us.

Abhyuday Singh
Founder, Digiwigy


Digiwigy was launched 3 years back from a rented appartment in Ahmedabad.

15 +

Digiwigy is backed by 15+ professionals who live and breathe B2B marketing.

We believe that there’s never been a more challenging—or rewarding—time to be in the business of marketing and selling technology to businesses.

Our Mission

At Digiwigy we help forward-thinking marketers lead innovation at their B2B company, get recognized as significant contributors to sales, and clearly demonstrate the ROI of their marketing activities.

We take pride in understanding new and dynamically changing B2B industries of all shapes and sizes. At the end of the day, our goal is simple – we want to bring out the best in your company and your team.

Our Focus

With over 70,000 agencies spread across the United States, only a handful focus on working exclusively with B2B companies. But why is that? It’s because properly positioning a B2B’s brand and messaging requires spending hours absorbing complex solutions and industries – something that many agencies refuse or fail to do.


Our focus on B2B marketing and web design came by no mistake, but rather a proven track record for helping small and mid-size companies stand out from the big box companies that rest on their laurels of brand notoriety. We are here to not just level the playing field, we are here to help you edge out the competition.

We are completely social.
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That’s how we do it!

We have a certain set of core values that we look up to and this defines our way of doing business.


If we see a problem,
we find a solution.


We treat people with respect, even in disagreement.


We speak our mind, even if it is controversial.


We always try to find ways to improve things. (including this)


We communicate with each other clearly and frankly


After all the life's seriousness,
we lighten up and have fun.


Here are some of our Do’s and Don’ts

What We Do

Create Awesome Digitals
Enjoy our Work
Value Relationships
Obsess Over Details
Make Everyone Smile
Make Things, Break Things
Party a Lot

What We Don't

Work for Free
Side line our family
Resist Cake
Sacrifice Quality for Profit
Have a Sales Team
Keep Egos
Give Impossible Deadlines
Make False Commitments